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Co przyniesie Bookio? Dobrze zorganizowany kalendarz, statystyki, zarządzanie rezerwacjami z jednego miejsca, menedżer kanałów i wiele więcej.

Wszystkie rezerwacje z dostępnych kanałów sprzedaży w jednym miejscu.

A complete overview of accommodation utilization, sales channel management and pricing conveniently in one place. Your device is shown online, giving customers an overview of available dates. You control where you bring the customer from. You control the hotel business.

Innovative and modern PMS

Reservation management and client database, including the most important information you entered. Transparency and a modern user interface eliminates the possibility of mistakes made by employees, while showing the most important information about guests. As guests require the best service, the reception requires the best work tools.

Summary and statistics

Bookio provides you the most important information that helps during tough decisions. Statistics are one of main pillars of revenue management, so you can work with utilization, pricing, seasons and sales channels. Thanks to that, Bookio effectively increase the occupancy and revenue of accommodation facilities.

Reservations on one place 24/7

You are still in touch with your clients even if your phone is off. Reservation system with crystal clear calendar accepts reservations even when reception is out of order or is occupied by guests. Online reservations are increasing year by year and right now more than 70% of customers is looking for one. All your customers can order a reservation from home, with computer but also by cell phone, from all available channels.

Aż 255 911 klientów już zarezerwowało swoje pokoje hotelowe za pośrednictwem Bookio.

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